Thursday, November 06, 2003

The positive Power of Work & Painting

When I left for work earlier today, I was feeling a bit down. However, getting home from work a few minutes ago, I feel revived, refreshed and ready to take on the thorough house-cleaning on my agenda for tonight.

Tomorrow, a friend of mine (who is an interior designer) is coming over and before we have dinner together, she is going to advise me on colors I might want to paint my apartment. It should be fun. One of my good friends (and neighbors - nice having him so close by) recently painted his living room a bright and vibrant color, and he has found that it changed the entire flavor of the room. So, I am thinking about doing some painting myself (probably in January after all my travels.)

Have you ever painted and found it changed the feelings of a room or made you less depressed? I'm interested in knowing. Please share.

Your sister survivor, Leah

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