Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Update on painting, dating and travels!

Hello. It feels like a long time since I posted.

On Friday, the friend came over who advised me on paint colors for my apartment. I like her ideas and am looking forward to doing the painting. I will probably start with an easy room like the bathroom, so that I can do painting of a small space and see how it goes before I tackle moving all the furniture and such in the living room and dining room. My plan is to start painting when I get back from my upcoming trips to.... New York and ..... drum roll please....... ISRAEL!!! I have a plan ticket to come to Israel for 2 weeks and I am soooo excited!!

This weekend was the speed dating event I attended. I had a good time and am glad I went. The only problem was the dates who were on my list who didn't show up, but during those periods I chatted with the women around me, walked around and etc. I also exchanged email addresses with a person I met outside of the organized dates of the evening. I'm glad I did it and hope that maybe a fun date or two will come from it.

Well, that's an update so far,
Wishing you a good day,
From your sister survivor.

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