Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Excited to celebrate the renewal of the Torah and myself

Tonight we begin the Jewish holiday of Shavuot.  Shavuot celebrates the day thousands of years ago when our people first received the Torah.  Receiving the Torah is an active, rather than passive process.  We repeat it yearly on the holiday and daily/weekly/monthly when we choose to engage in Jewish life.  Such participation includes everything from arguing/discussing/debating faith with one another, with ourselves, with G-d to a full embracing of all components of Jewish life and living (and everything in between.)

The medieval Rabbi Bachya ibn Paquda taught many things, among them the idea that days are scrolls, write on them what we want to be remembered.  Blogging has been part of my journey - blogging about life in general and about my healing journey.  On this holiday, I am mindful that healing includes review of the story as a central component of growth.  I pray that my celebration of Shavuot includes being present with community at Sinai as well as present with myself and my own story. 

If you celebrate I hope that your observance is filled with joy, growth and hope.


Elizabeth @ If She Cry Out said...

I wish I had read this before Shavuot. I so like the idea of Shavuot being the scrolls of Torah and the scrolls of our life.

As regards healing, I think they are reciprocal. Healing happens when we can see our lives in the words of Torah and God's words of Torah in our lives.

To be kept in mind next Shavuot. Thank-you.

Leah said...


Thanks for the comment and the support. Perhaps there are opportunities to connect with Torah every day, so maybe you don't have to wait until next Shavuot.


Elizabeth Grace said...

Guaranteed there are opportunities to connect to Torah every day. :-)

I just liked that particular way of thinking about Shavuot.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and thought you might (if you haven't yet) want to join a forum for survivors started by another survivor called All Us Sheffelech. Curious to hear what you think!