Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy New Year

Yes,I know that it is October.

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends, family and readers.

This time of year we engage in self-introspection and reflection. As I try to find the time to do this in the midst of the the Job and the Project (oy!), I find that I am happy with some things in my life and quite disappointed with others.

I have been very quiet lately (okay, for months really) about my healing journey. I suppose that in some ways it is a sign of growth that being an abuse survivor isn't first on my mind anymore. Sure, it is still there and there are moments of accute thought, pain, feelings on it. But, it just isn't as present as earlier.

Somehow this reflection isn't satisfying. I'll take that to mean that I have some self work to do.

Advice, opinions, ways you agree/disagree welcome.

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