Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Up late worrying

It is late. It is after one in the morning as I type. Why am I up so late? A sad and worrysome story. After a long day at work (over 12 hours - oy), I came home, did some work around the house and just before I was going to think about heading to bed, the phone rang.

As soon I heard A's voice, I knew something was wrong. His brother is currently in surgery for a C5 spinal injury. He and friends were boldering. I had never heard of this sport until tonight. Apparently, boldering is rock climbing with no safety ropes, no helmuts and the like. He fell and broke his neck.

God protect him and keep him safe. May the docs work on him with skill and focus and patience.

We have a few hours more of surgery at least to wait. I wish that I could be with A right now. He is all alone, very very far away from where I am right now, and even further away from his brother.

May God be with all who need healing, hope, comfort, wisdom, strength and healing all over the world.

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