Monday, May 02, 2005



I just got home from the first half of a seminar. After the seminar the particular group planned on having a meeting to discuss some issues common to the attendees but not the seminar leader.

Something happened at the beginning of the meeting that really pi$$ed me off. Can I just vent about it for this post? Thanks.

Here is a (sanitized) version of the story. I've the chair of a committee for something, let's call it X, since last July. The date of X is in June, so final planning is underway. Recently I decided to no longer chair the committee. I let everyone know and while calling everyone I spoke with Z, who said "I'd like to chair it." One of the people on the committee, lets call her Y, immediately piped up at the end of the seminar and started verbally attacking me, saying "I just don't understand why you've handed this off to person Z (By the way, when I made the phone calls, I spoke with Y before Z and Y didn't say anything about chairing it). Didn't it ever cross your mind to call me? I assumed you would so I went on my own and started handling things, you were WRONG to give it to Z." Y did this in front of not only Z, but the entire group of people. Just started shouting at me. When I explained my process, Y continued to be angry with me and huffily said, well, I guess. But I still have information that EVERYONE needs to know (things I had done weeks ago) and she (pointing to me) doesn't know the latest. AARGH. Just made me want to scream. Rather than screaming, I left the room (ah, maturity). Y was clearly having a bad day because of some things that happened earlier, but still, no reason to attack me.


Well, thanks for letting me vent. Feels good to do that.

Promising a more positive post for the next one,
Your sister survivor,

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