Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sending Healing and Courage J's Way


This afternoon I had a wonderfully long conversation with J (more specifically, JM since there are a number of significant "J"s in my life). She is really going through a rough time. So many people have treated her badly throughout her life, and right now it seems that anything which can go wrong, will. I wish there was more I can do for her than just listening, empathizing and trying to help her figure out which steps to take next.

Knowing how rough things are makes me want to go and confront the many people who have abused her during her life - parents, therapists, employers and more. Too bad solving problems isn't that easy.

J.M., if you are reading this, know I send you a big hug, much courage and healing energy. For anyone else who is having a tough time right now, please know you are not alone.

Wishing all a good start to the week.

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