Friday, December 03, 2004

Ah, therapy!

Talk therapy. Sitting and processing my life with someone paid to listen to me. I have been seeing the same therapist for a number of years and I've really come to enjoy the biweekly sessions I have with her. It is amazing how much better it is now that I have come so far in my healing. It feels good to check in, talk about what is going on, and look at what may be ahead.

Today we talked about what I am afraid to say may be the next big grief issue in my life. E, who has become an adopted mother to me, is dying of cancer. (I posted about E here and here if you missed it before.) One of my conversations with E this week nearly broke my heart. She talked about her sense that she may die soon. So sad. Her cancer is everywhere (the treatments they tried didn't work :-( )and she hasn't even had the energy lately to leave her apartment to have an aide or friend push her in her wheelchair in Central Park. So sad. Wish I could do something for her beyond love, support and prayer. I pray that the Divine Presence is with her, helping her have days of peace and free of pain.

Ending on a sad note, but still your sister survivor/thriver,

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