Thursday, December 25, 2003

Safe now in Jerusalem

Here comes another quick update. Today, I spent the day in Tel Aviv and Petach Tikvah. Initially I was going to be filmed by N for a follow-up to the thanksgiving filming; then go to a meeting about helping to set up a website for a Rape Crisis center in Israel and then go to a friend's home for dinner and candle lighting with her, her husband and her 5 kids. The meeting was cancelled because of the host's child being ill, N was also "under the weather" so we sat and talked instead of filming and then I went to Petach Tikvah where the friends live.

Yes, that's right - Petach Tikvah - where the terroist attack/murderous bombing took place today. On my way to my friend's home I passed in front of the very bus stops which were bombed (about 3.5 hours before it happened.) The husband (of my friend) was so close to the bombing that he could hear/feel it, but he is okay. We heard many, many sirens. As of this writing, 4 Israelis were killed and many injured, some quite severly. If you would like to read about the attack, go to this Ha'aretz article in English or this Ha'aretz article in Hebrew.

Well, I'm off to get some rest and calm down before trying to go to bed tonight. I have another 5/5:30 am day tomorrow, so I'll need that rest.

Wishing you a good holiday (whatever you might be celebrating) and a Shabbat Shalom to my Jewish friends. May this sabbath be one of peace for us in Israel and for all in the world.

Your safe but shaken sister survivor,

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