Saturday, December 27, 2003

Antisemitism in a time of tragedy

A great tragedy has occurred in the world with the horrible earthquake in Bam, Iran. Rescue teams from many countries have sent their specialized teams who are gifted in finding people in rubble, using human power, technology and sniffer dogs. All the countries of the world are welcome and encouraged to help except, guess who? Israel. It seems that the government of Iran is more interested in hating Israel, which they call the "Zionist regime" (a moniker itself filled with hate and disdain), than helping their own suffering people. (For the full story go to the Ha'aretz article) Can you imagine? They are willing to let more of their people die than accept help from Israel. (By the way, Israel has sent rescue teams to many disasters, including earthquakes in Turkey and Sept. 11 in New York.) It is so sad when hatred costs lives.


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