Saturday, October 04, 2003

Shavuah Tov (A good new week)

Shavuah tov. Shabbat has ended and a new week begins on the Jewish calendar, the second week of 5764. That means that Yom Kippur is just hours away.

My preparation for the Day of Atonmenet (the most common translation of Yom Kippur into English) continues. It's not an easy day, a very serious day full of intense prayer, an acknowledgement of our mortality, full 24-26 hour food/water fast and a focus on forgiveness. Fortunately, Judaism is clear that for sins of one person against another (like abuse) the perp. has to ask forgiveness from the victim/survivor before God will grant forgiveness. So, I don't have to forgive my abusive parents. Still, a difficult day is coming.

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