Thursday, October 02, 2003

More pages in the survivor web community

Hello. Here are some more pages by survivors:
Save our Children - Stop Child Abuse is a page which states the following purpose, "the purpose of this web site, which began after Paul McLaughlin got his first computer in 1994, is to show what one handicapped survivor has done in the community for the prevention and awareness of child abuse. Paul's goal is not to be a victim, not to abuse self, and not to abuse the community by negative revenge, but to speak out about child abuse and also to work in the communities to heal himself and to educate people about the ‘before/during/after' effects of abuse. Tell your story and also work to save our children in your community. Child abuse or any abuse will continue as long we don't talk about it and don't work to 'help stop child abuse.'"

Tesserae has a series of pages - poetry, art and a bit of a journal.

Survivng to Thriving is a site which describes itself as follows, "This is a site for female and male survivors of sexual violence, including rape, attempted rape, sexual abuse and incest as well as the people who support them. In these pages, you will find my story and the stories of other rape and sexual assault survivors who have chosen to share theirs, as well as information, including pages on healing, medical and legal information for rape and sexual assault survivors, and sections for child sexual abuse and male survivors. If you are the survivor of sexual violence, you know how much how much pain it can cause and how it feels to be so terribly hurt. Please know that you are not alone and that healing is possible. I hope that you will find comfort and healing while exploring these pages. However, some of what is written here may be triggering, so please keep yourself safe. Since this site is a work in progress, please email me with your suggestions and comments."

Wishing you peace, hope and healing,

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