Thursday, September 11, 2003

A Prayer for the 2nd Anniversary of the Disasters of September 11, 2001 & more

Today I have the opporutnity to give a prayer at a community gathering of remembrance. Perhpas it will help you remember and honor as well.

Dear God, Wellspring of Life and Healer of the Broken-Hearted, we came before you today in the presence of our community to remember and to honor. Help us to remember the nearly 3000 precious souls taken in violence two years ago. Keep in our hearts their families, friends and co-workers. So many acted with courage as they were confronted with horror. Honor them, God and help us to honor their memories.

We pray for the welfare of all who work to lead and protect this land and our freedoms, the men and women of our armed forces, especially the men and women of our National Guard unit currently deployed in Iraq. Dear God, protect them from harm as they engage in their duties which may put them in harms way. Guide them in safety until their journey brings them back to our homes.

Lord, Healer of shattered and saddened hearts, may our prayers of remembrance and honor rise up to heaven comforting us while bringing glory to you and to the souls of our departed. May your loving care surround all your children, here in our local community, throughout our country and our world. May all of soon find the blessings of peace.

Shalom, salaam, amen.

Please take care of yourself and your own recovery and well being on this difficult day. Those of us who have suffered traumas of all kinds, especially child abuse and terror in the home, know well the many after effects of the trauma. I hope and pray that you have a day which is not too triggoring and where you can feel the support of those you care about, as our country reaches out in support of those who lost loved ones, friends, co-workers and a sense of saftey two years ago.

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