Sunday, June 15, 2003

Father's Day Sucks!

Again it is father's day. I really don't enjoy this day at all. Television and society are filled with images of the "perfect father" and how we should all be greatful. Ha. I wish that I could celebrate L (the "father"), that he was a decent human being instead of a molesting, abusive, insulting BASTARD! (Gee, guess I am feeling angry, eh?)

I still occasionally speak with the so-called parents and I know they are goiong to try to give me flack for not calling, writing or sending a card or gift to dear ol' dad (gag).

Yuck yuck.

Sorry that this isn't more inspirational, isn't more about healing. But part of healing is acknowleging feelings and where we are - so angry and upset will have to do for now. I promise not to stay stuck here.


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