Friday, December 30, 2011

A Taste of My New Family

JE and I recently travelled south to spend some time with his mom.  While this was the third time that I spent time with her, it was my first time in her home.  She's a lovely and gracious hostess, throwing a party for us so that her friends could meet us, making sure that we got to meet/see family, treating us to dinners out and in her home, and sharing her love with both of us.

I am overwhelmed with her generosity, love and care.  She continues to welcome me into the family with open arms and an open heart.  Once during the trip she called me her future daughter-in-law and the next day called me her daughter-in-law and even daughter. I'm glad that she sees me as a family member even though it isn't official yet.  The day before leaving I asked her if I could call her Ma.  She cried while saying yes.

It feels nice to be building a relationship with a positive mother figure. I feel lucky to have her in my life and am glad that JE has a close relationship with her.  (But am thankful that he isn't a mamas boy in the negative sense of the term.)

Thanks for letting me share.
Your sister survivor/thriver,

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