Monday, May 30, 2011

More on My Mom - Update

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the complicated and sad relationship that I have with my mother.  Thanks again to all of you who commented and shared your own stories, they helped.

So - - the update.  Someone helped me come up with the idea that we have a mother/daughter book discussion to try to be able to talk with each other and build a bit of a relationship.  (My mom and I both love to read.)  So, I talked with her about it and let her pick the first book. I've read the book and we should be able to have an interesting discussion about it when my mom is ready.  I hope that she follows through, reads the book and asks for a time to talk about it.  I hope that she doesn't disappoint me again.

From your hopeful sister survivor thriver,



From Tracie said...

I think that is a really fabulous idea!! I hope that she follows through with it and that you are able to have a good discussion together.

Joy said...

My mum was abused by her parents at first then her mum. they dont talk but my mum has forgiven her. She made a book about it. i made a blog for her check it out: