Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today is Halloween or All Hallows Eve.  In America it is a day for costumes, pranks, candy and scaring ourselves.  It is fun to watch kids of all ages dress up, let loose a bit and confront the (hopefully) easily handled fears of halloween. 

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Pia said...

Petition for "Matilda" in Sweden

A little girl is saying that her daddy has urinated on her and that the urine is thick. She says that her father has told her not to tell anyone about their secrets and that if she does, her mother will die. The father will kill her and the girl will then have to live with him.

This has been told to people the girl feels safe with and some of it has been taped. Unfortunately, the Swedish Family Court will not listen to the tapes or to what the girl’s mother is trying to tell them since they do not think this information is relevant.

In addition, the Family Court will not view the film where the girl tells and shows how and where her father hits her, again because they deem the information to be irrelevant. How can a child talking about the terrible things that are happening to her be deemed to be irrelevant? How can this not be relevant when deciding custody matters? In this case it is obviously irrelevant since the Family Court has recommended that the father should have sole custody of the girl.

Doctors and child care professionals have reported the father to Social Services and to the Police. Injuries have been documented but nothing is happening. Social Services will not act on reports from doctors and child care professionals! The girl’s mother found thousands of pornographic pictures and movies on the father’s computer. Pictures, which according the Social Services showed “people clearly under-age”. The Police have mirrored the computer and in their view the material is offensive but not illegal. In both the pictures and movies there are 11 to 12 year old girls pictured in pink, childish surroundings with Hello Kitty and Barbie motifs to emphasise the childish theme. The girl’s father has during court depositions admitted to masturbating to the pictures. That the girl has been alone in the house with the father when he has been downloading and watching these pictures is proven by the computer log files. This father has been given sole custody!! This man is now supposed to take care of
the little girl!

When the girl’s mother found out that the father had been given interim sole custody of their daughter, she saw no other solution than hiding with her child. She left everything behind to protect the little girl. They left family and friends. Unfortunately, they were recently found by the police and the girl is now in the hands of her abuser and the mother is in prison.

Who will help the girl now?

Let us help this little girl. Let us for once do something more than complaining about how rotten our society is. Let’s act!

Please click on the link below to sign our petition. This petition will be sent to the Swedish Justice and Social Departments, Social Services, the Family Court, local and governmental politicians and to the media.

We will continue to protest until the girl is safe, until her mother is free and until the way the Social Services and the Family Court have been acting in this case has been scrutinised by the relevant authorities. Grave errors have been committed and a 4 ½ year old girl is now paying the price for these errors!

Fill in your name and town / city in the boxes are marked with the text:

Namn=Name ort = town/city

Spread like email on, please!

"Matilda" needs you!