Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Sister Blogger

Thank you to NechaBasha in Boston for a powerful High Holy Day ritual idea for an abuser who has died. She wrote about it in a comment on an earlier post. You can find the comment here near the bottom of the page. If find her idea powerful, strengthening and in a way that interests me, it is tangibly Jewish and connected to our tradition.

I have long felt that our tradition encourages us, prods us and even commands us to find healing and hope. (I am not in any way justifying being abused or our abusers abusing us. In no way. I am just sharing with you one of the ways that I cope.) NechaBasha's idea resonates tradition and healing.

I invite you to check out her website, JIST - Jewish Incest Survivors Together.

May our rituals this High Holy Days strengthen and heal us.

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