Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singing to Handle Trauma in Sderot, Israel

Sderot, Israel is very near the boarder with Gaza. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, an elected organization which has as part of its mission to eradicate Israel. One way they hope to force Israel to just quit as a country (not going to happen) is by sending Qassam rockets into Sderot and other nearby towns, aiming for schools, homes, and the everyday life of people. On a typical day lately at least 15 rockets are fired. Can you imagine dealing with that? Setting aside the politics and heartbreak of the situation, people who live in Sderot (I know some) live in fear every day and many of the youth struggle with trauma.

Residents of Sderot have about less than a minute to get to a place of stafety when they hear the warning "Red Color" announcing an incoming rocket (spotted by those who watch for them). Hearing a Red Color causes panic in many, especially children.

One woman wanted to find a way to help the children of Sderot and a nearby kibbutz deal with the Red Color and the feelings that it raises. She created a song to do this. Yoav Shoam directed a You Tube video about the song, with moving commentary by children.

Watch the video:

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Jonathan said...

"Red Color"


Sad, that it should be necessary - but what a creative idea to create such an action song to solve the trauma problems of the children.