Sunday, July 15, 2007

Additional Links

Something I appreciate about the blog community its the chance to reach out to each other, read each other, learn from each other and be present, even if it is through the medium of the internet. Mike of the blog Child Abuse Survivor has been such a connection for a long time. When I visited his blog today I noticed that there are many links to other survivor blogs - thanks Mike. Here are some that I found through surfing through his site and other links:

A Male's Life After Rape
Broken Dreams
Dead Puppy's Journal
Diary of a Survivor in the Making
Fear Not Your Light
Kinky Karma
Sadly Normal
Surviving IncestSurvivors Can Thrive
The People Behind My Eyes
The Thriver's Toolbox
Why Can't The Past Just Die?
Wings of Hope
Wounded Woman
Wrong Words
Yesterday's Ashes

Organizations that have supportive & informative sites:
Alice Miller
ASCA - Adult Survivors of Child Abuse


Mike McBride said...

That's funny, I was just recently thinking I needed to get those links cleaned up, updated, and new ones added. :)

Glad you found some good support material!

Ani Star said...

Thanks so much for this list of links. Theres a few here that I'm pretty sure I haven't run into yet so I'll have to check them out.

Much Thanks,
~ Ani