Monday, August 14, 2006

Echoes of Life

I lift my eyes from the screen
Around me is a cafe with people of all types
People working, talking, socializing, reading

Outside a storm pours water from the heavens
Thunder rumbling
Echoing the side-effect of lightening

So much of what we do in life has side-effects
Each choice we make
Each choice we don't make
There are echoes

Echoes of love
Echoes of joy
Echoes of loss
Echoes of pain
Echoes of hope
Echoes of Holiness
Echoes that ripple

Ripples spread, impacting others
our echoes bouncing off of them
Bringing the side-effects to a new place

Echoes reverberate around war
Echoes reverberate around peace
Which will prevail?
Where will wisdom take us?
Will wisdom even be a factor?

Echoes of life
Choices in life
Choices, echoes that we can and can't control

May your echoes be resonate with your dreams

1 comment:

Karma said...

That's a beautiful poem. My mom has Alzheimer's and sometimes I feel like what I'm trying to do is tap into some of those echos.