Friday, March 31, 2006

Nancy's Film

Nancy continues to make amazing progress on her film. An excerpt of it was recently shown to college students in Southern Florida with great success. Read a write-up on it in the Miami Herald. I'm beaming with pride for her accomplishement's with the film and life in general - you go girl!


Fancy said...

I am so sorry about your little Kitty-- what terrible news... poor little thing and poor you. Shit. Is all I can say.

Sending love,


Fancy said...

Hey Girl -- so sweet to post about me! And looking at your trials and tribulations of the past weeks, know that I'm thinking of you. Not to mention eating a lot of tahini paste and avocadoes... perhaps that goodness can nourish you too?

P.S. reading Katie Roiphe and feeling my blood boil. Must be sane, if I am going to ever interview her, but it is killing me. Why is she so hateful?