Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blessed is the True Judge - Sad news

Blessed is the True Judge of humans and animals. My sweet, young cat died this morning. I just got the call from the emergency vet. The Vet who called was so nice, and sweet and I know that they did all they could for her.

She woke up not right today, and I kept my eye on her all day long. She spent much of the day on my lap. As the afternoon progressed and she got worse, I took her to my local animal hosptial. The on-call vet examined her and suggested that I take her to the closest 24-hour hospital. I took her there and by the time we got there, she was in very critical it is hard to type these words....

They gave her love, they gave me kindness, respect and I know they took good care of her. I had just gotten home when the phone rang at 1:30 am (how many times have I known people to wait until their loved ones go home for a brief rest/shower/food before they die - now with a pet too), and I am too tired to safely make the hour drive on the windy road at this hour. I guess I'll try to get some sleep and go back around 6 am in daylight.

My sweet little kitty.
May The Holy One bring her peace,

Here are some pictures of her - one as a kitten, one more recent. - UPDATE - I am having difficutly uploading the pictures. I've done all of the troubleshooting steps in blogger help. Will try again later today/tomorrow.

UPDATE Sunday afternoon - Here are the pictures

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Al Johnson said...

So sorry that your cat died, Leah. A few years ago my wife and I watched our dog get sicker and sicker. He had gotten old. He stopped eating and drinking. The time came for him to die. It was a very sad day for him. We buried him out in a field where he loved to run around and sniff things out. We put his favorite play bone on top of his grave as well as his teddy bear (he went through several of them). I made a little gravestone for him. Sometimes we still go visit his grave. Pets are some of the best friends we have. It is sad when they leave us.