Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Moving Blog

Through Savta Dotty, I found a poignant and heartfelt blog called Dancing in Place. The author writes about being parapelegic in moving poetry.

Read, enjoy and share.


AngrySoul said...

Hey, Leah. I'm new to blog land. Very briefly, i am an orthodox male survivor of sexual abuse as a child. I just started writing a little bit about some of my past and will continue to do so on my new blog. I came across yours just now and plan to read through it to hear your story...I'm looking to find my own little suppport sys., of ppl. who share my common experience and know the affects it has on you as well, and perhaps i'll find some support here. May you continue on your path to recovery.

Check it out and let me now how my blog is so far. i only wrote a little, but i think i may need some encouragement to get me to continue to post.


Savtadotty said...

Leah, thanks for the acknolwedgement and I'm so glad you linked to Dancing in Place. She's an A-1 Survivor/Thriver.

Leah said...

hey guess what! my name is Leah too! check out my blog http://livingalargelife.blogspot.com