Monday, November 21, 2005

Take Back the Night

Women and men gathered at the reflecting pool, bundled up against the chill night air. White ribbons adorned lapels, symbolizing the message of take back the night - walking with victims, survivors, friends, and supporters of those who have been raped or assaulted. In their hands candles lighting their way and pamphlets listing some of the rapes and assaults which happened around campus. The stories within the pamphlets were told at stopping points around campus, after each one the group proclaimed together, "for this person and for all people we march tonight."

I joined with the group, joining in each step, listening to the stories and responding with the chorus along with the group. The physical steps felt like steps for me - for each part of my story, the abuse by my parents, by the abusive "boyfriend" and the struggle for healing. Steps healed, steps comforted, steps brought me peace.

Want some background on Take Back the Night? Check out this link from the Rear Guard".

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