Monday, June 06, 2005

A Book I Can't Put Down

Tonight after I finished work, I went to one of my local big wonderful comfy bookstores. It is a great store, owned by a local family and a thoroughly enjoying experience. (Fireplaces, couches for snuggling up in and reading, nice music, local gifts, a phenomenal music selection and a delicious cafe serving much more than St&%buck$ and sweets.) It is the kind of store I could spend all day wandering in.

As I entered, in my hand was a memory from Elizabeth. When going through her things I found an old coupon with points from an old frequent buyer program. The coupon was over 4 years old, but I just couldn't throw it away. I found a book I've been wanting to read (Bee Season - more to come below) and went up to the cash register. What happened next would never have happened at one of the major chains. I handed the coupon/redemption form to the clerk, told her why I just now had it to redeem and when I asked if I could use it, she said, "of course, I am so sorry to hear of her death, my condolences." Wow. I nearly cried on the spot.

I took Bee Season into the cafe and began to read. I was immediately immersed and couldn't put it down. Really. I didn't want to put down the story of Elly, Aaron, Saul and Miriam and all happening in their lives. I couldn't bear to stop reading and so I sat in the cafe and read. Elizabeth would have enjoyed this story (I don't remember if she read it before her death). She would be at home sitting and reading in such a cafe, the only thing which could make it better might have been sitting and reading in a cafe in Paris, one of her favorite places to live.

If you haven't read Bee Season by Myla Goldberg, please do. You'll enjoy it. Now back to more reading.

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