Monday, May 30, 2005

Fundamentalist Retaliation?!?!

Yesterday I linked to an article about fundamentalist Christianity in Colorado Springs titled Soliders of Christ. The article details how a very extreme fundy group looks at our country as a WAR of good (them) against evil (all who don't think like them). [This war is to go on in every home and eclipses even the happiest of events, like a wedding. Read the article for how the minister treated his own daughter's wedding.] The leader of this group, Pastor Ted Haggard, regularly advises President Bush and has a great amount of power as he unmodestly brags to the interviewer.

I found the article disturbing as did others. For example, take a look at what Disenchated Forest has to say. In her post she includes links to another article with some very powerful points about where such fundamentalism is putting this country [hint: not forwards].

So, this morning I'm iming with a friend (hi M!) and I tell him about yesterday's post. I mis-type my blog url (I accidently put in and got a fundamentalist bible site looking to convert people called Aamzingbiblestudies! Someone must have seen my post and decided to try to take advantage of people who phish for my blog or mistype and try to convert them!?! My goodness. Not very long for fundamentalist retaliation against the "Jew girl." OY OY OY.

It will be interesting to see if things escalate. I hope not.

Well, my little neighborhood's Memorial Day Parade is about to come down the street and liberal patriot and veteran that I am, I'm going to sign off on this post now and go stand in the rain and watch/cheer. I love this country, even though I am ashamed of its current government.

May the memories of all who died for this country be a blessing.

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