Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A spot of...poetry

A cacophany of raindrops fall against the windows.
Cars drive by, tires on wet pavement telegraphing their path.
Inside, cats sleep.
Curled up under the warmth of a sidetable lamp.
What precisely is behind the cats' eyes?
Love, devotion, instinct, care.
Or does the human project?

Feelings fill my days.
Sadness, grief.
Missing E.
Missing her.
Feeling her absence from this world.
Feeling empty.
Bereft of a mother's love.

Hurt, neglected and abused by the biological mother.
Emotionally abandoned by the one who raised me.
Betrayed by her.

E came into my life almost 7 years ago.
She, a teacher and in later life a newlywed.
She had found love and devotion.
She shared that love with me.
My adopted mom.

Her love for her husband, her friends blossomed
Fragrenced her life.
Touched mine on so many levels.

That love lives only now in memory,
In the lives she touched,
In the love she put out into the world,
It rippled infinately into the world.

I pray that it remains there.
Even though I don't feel it right now.

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