Sunday, January 23, 2005

Roe v Wade Anniversary

Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision legalizing 1st trimester abortion. It is hard to believe that this many years into the decision, it is more in jeopardy than ever. Personally I have never had to make the difficult decision to have an abortion, but I am relieved that to have the choice. Of course it is a serious decision and one not to be made lightly, but one which I am thankful that I get to make for myself, not the government.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to put some context on my pro-choice views. As a liberal feminist, I believe that abortion must be the woman's choice in consultation with those significant in her life (perhaps her partner, her friends, her clergy and/or her God). The idea of the government controlling the function and organs of my body frightens me. (The cynic in me says that government control of abortion will become more palatable only when the government has equal control over men's ejaculate.)

My father molested me nearly nightly from age 2 through much of my teen years. I am very very aware that it is only through luck (and a very late puberty) that he never made me pregnant. I cannot imagine how I would have handled pregnancy with my father's child. Thankfully I did not face that situation. The knowledge that in most states today a girl in that situation would have to get permission for an abortion by the very man who criminally impregnated her is terrifying. I send strength and hope to all who are in that situation.

One more thing. I deeply believe that wanted children are a gift from the Divine. For all those who struggle with becoming pregnant or who have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term, I weep with you.

May all children be wanted children and may abortion remain safe and legal!

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