Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A new blog and remembering two heroes

This morning while reading Allison Kaplan Sommer's blog An Unsealed Room (one of my daily reads), I read about a friend of hers, Ayelet Waldman, who has a new blog called Bad Mother about her life as a mom, an author, a wife and more.

(Yes, I am getting to the rest of the title, just wade through my series of links.)

While reading some of the posts at Bad Mother I learned about a web project called Gadflyer To quote their site, it is a new progressive Internet magazine. As the name implies, The Gadflyer will be provocative, critical, and iconoclastic. (Read more about their project here.) This led me (while, truth be told taking a bit too long of a break on The Project - *hand slap*) to read an article on two heroes of mine, Sheila and Paul Wellstone (may their memories be a blessing). Reading it reminded me of how much I miss them, their work and their impact on the world. The article by Kiersten Stewart encourages us to remember them and to remain equally committed to our own work and pursuit of a better world.

If you don't know much about Sheila, one of her causes (for which she worked tirelessly) was Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Women's Rights. This weekend the Sheila Wellstone Institute is sponsoring a Concert to End Domestic Violence. If you are in Minnesota, go and enjoy.

May we each find our own ways to be heroes in the world - personally, locally and globally.
Your sister survivor,

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