Friday, October 15, 2004

Some reflective thoughts on where I am and this blog

It has been so long since I've posted and I KNOW that I keep saying that. Truth be told I am feeling very overwhelemed with The Project (see the abbreviation key in the left column for more on it), Temple Congregationland (ditto for an explanation on it) and teaching. I am doing too much. I say that I am overwhelmed, and I do feel it, yet on days like yesterday when I got a lot of good work done on The Project, I feel better. The refelctive part of me says "duh"! but some days it is so hard to get moving on the work. I think I need to make better use of this forum and the sense of community I feel here, as it keeps me active in merging the survivor/thriver components of my life/identity and all the other components. As JM used to tell me, integration is key! (JM - remember that coffee conversation in the old diner?) So, with Shabbat hours away and the work/joy/reflective time that it brings I telll myself (and you) that this is what I know I need and what I will do.

Thanks for listening.
Your sister thriver,

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