Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sending Hugs to N & N2

Ever felt a connection to someone, picked up the phone and heard the person on the other end say "wow, I was just thinking about you" or "I really need to talk with you."? I just had that experience with my friend N. As I was finishing lunch today she came to mind, so I called her. Long story short, a friend of hers was attacked (whose first name also begins with an N, I'll call her N2 for clarity here), assaulted and raped a few days ago. N heard about it through a network of friends and immediately began to reach out to N2, going with her to see police line-ups and much more. Such horrible, hard stuff, not only for N2, but for those around her.

N2 - please please know that you are not alone. A carrying community of Jewish women and women (and men) in general support you, care about you and rage with you that this horror has happened to you. Please know you did nothing wrong, you did everything right by survivng. I applaud your courage in going to the hospital, talking with the police, doing a line-up and everything else you are doing for justice and to help yourself. I know that N is going to give you my phone number. Call to chat when you feel up to it. Sending you prayers and positive energy.

N - so glad we spoke today. Keep taking care of yourself amongst all that you are doing for N2. Sending you hugs, prayers and positive energy too. I look forward to talking later in the week.

Your sister thriver,

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