Sunday, October 31, 2004


It is hard to believe that it is already Halloween. Time has gone so fast this fall (probably mostly because of all that I have been doing and have to do.

My neighborhood in Midwesternville is a wonderful urban mixed area. We have a diverse racial, age and occupational bunch here, from college kids to professors to teachers, cafe owners, bus drivers and on and on and on. I especially love the relationship diversity here. This is one of the few neighborhoods in town where same-sex couples feel safe enough to walk hand-in-hand and occasionally even kiss at the romantic area near one of the fountains.

I expect to see kids dressed up and seeking candy, goodies and much fun tonight. A number of years ago, I sat with V on her front porch and we gave out candy as we ate take-out Indian food (yum!). The kids were so cute, especially the little ones for whom this was new, exciting and fun and not just an escapade for free candy. V's neighbor carved exquisite pumpkins and it was fun to look at them and hear other's reactions.

This year I am at home. I haven't even purchased any candy to give out, as I haven't had a trick-o-treater for years. Living in an apartment building without many kids we just don't get anyone. (Even when I had an elementary school aged neighbor with whom I was friends, her daughter didn't come to the door.) I think that people stay away from apartment buildings. It makes me kind of sad, but happy not to have the tempting left-over candy waiting for me to eat it. :-)

I think my favorite Halloween memory is from 4th or 5th grade. A neighbor girl from down the street and I dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. They were fun and easy costumes and could be done with layers of warm clothes, thus meeting parental approval without having to wear a winter coat (and "ruining" the costume as we heartedly protested every other year that was cold). We had great fun staying out, getting candy, telling 9-year-old scary stories and the like. My nose is getting cold just remembering.

Tonight will be filled with work and campaign phone calls. I look forward to glancing out the office window and seeing young goblins parading about seeking candy.

May your day be sweet,

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