Thursday, October 07, 2004

Attacked again

Terror, death and horrors again. This is just too much. This time, the terrorists had a coordinated 3-site simultaneous attack in Egypt, in the Northeastern part of the Sinai peninsula. Why would terrorists attack there you might wonder? One guess. It's not that Egyptians vacation there. Nope. Israelis. Since this is a holiday and a long weekend for many, they attacked. (Of course, many employees and others were hurt too. It seems that the terrorists don't even care about hurting their own people.) Ma'ariv is reporting 35 dead and over 100 hurt. Rinat, a blog friend who often vacations in Sinai (and was supposed to be in one of the hotels) has this to say about it all.

May the wounded have a speedy recovery and may God comfort those who are now in mourning.

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