Thursday, September 30, 2004

Register to vote and win!

Yes, when you register to vote you win - by voting and by the chance at 100,000 according to mamamusings she writes,
All you need to do is go to Vote or Not, a site started by the guys from “Hot or Not” to try to get out the vote, especially among young people. Register there (no spam from it, guaranteed), and they’ll give you the link you need to register for your state.
They’ll also give you a link to send to your friends. And here’s the best part…if someone you referred to the site wins the $100,000 prize, you win, too! You’ll get a custom link to post to your blog, send out via IM and email, etc. The more people you convince to sign up, the more chances you have to win $100,00. And the bonus? More people voting in this year’s election.

Register, vote and make your opinion known!

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