Sunday, September 19, 2004

L'shanah Tovah Tikateivu

Happy 5765. (For my non-Jewish readers, this past Wednesday/Thursday/Friday was the beginning of our New Year of 5765.) I hope and pray that it is a good one for you.

I seem to be posting little lately. I think that is because I am so swamped with work at the moment that my survivor issues are becoming on the back burner. Of course, this isn't all healthy, but I am trying to remember to breathe, center, work on myself and get everything done for my grad-school program and all three jobs. Whew.

Through a list serve from the Awareness Center, I found a webpage titled Jewish Survivors of Sexual Abuse and an included "warmline" with the same name. The site is/warmline are run by Sherri Goldberg. Go visit her site.

Wishing everyone a good year, even if this is not a New Year you are celebrating!
Your sister thriver,

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