Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Wonderful Visit

As I posted earlier, D came for a visit over the long weekend. We had a great time. We have a long friendship and have seen each other through a great deal, including coming to terms with what it means to each of us that we are abuse survvivors. One of the intersting things about this weekend's visit is that we barely spoke of surivor stuff (D mentioned it only once). I'm not suggesting that we pushed it aside or denied it, we just had other things to do, discuss and share with each other. How nice. After so many years of survivor stuff feeling like it is on the front-burner, it now seems that it (like other things in my life) comes up when it needs to and when I want to address something. I'll take this as another sign of healing and growth. A nice realization.

Thanks for letting me share,
Your sister survivor,

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