Sunday, June 27, 2004

Women and Girls struggling in Iraq

In today's New York Times there is an article titled For Iraqi Girls, Changing Land Narrows Lives (you need a free password for access) detailing the amount of fear of rape, assault and kidnapping in Iraq today. The way in which this war has been fought and the lack of security is causing women of all socio-economic groups to leave school (thus greatly changing the future of these in girls in a country which "was once singular in the Arab world for its ranks of educated, professional women" (see story). Girls that do not fear being in the streets are sometimes having to leave school in order to work and support their families. This is progress and freedom? I don't think so. Yes, a tyrant was removed, but the lack of thought and planning on after this war is only getting worse and worse. I worry for our sisters in Iraq and everywhere were terror and fear causes women and girls to drastically change their lives.

In hope and prayers for peace and security soon,
Your sister survivor,

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