Friday, June 11, 2004

Remembering Reagan

Today the government and the Reagan family bury former President Reagan. Many people have been spending hours and days lauding him and reflecting on the things he did for the country and things he did within the world. Most have been focusing on the things which he did which were seen as positive. Like what some do when people die, this country has been focusing on the good things and enlarging them, and forgetting and ignoring what was done to the poor and the ordinary people around the world during his years. A series of reflections and more complete remembrances of Reagan can be found at Democracy Now!.

I believe that we do best and honest service to ourselves and our community when we think and reflect on those in our lives and our leaders fully - including people's flaws, their deeds of injustice and justice. When we are true and include all, then we can ourselves be whole and complete, not ignoring the difficult stuff. Leaving out the tough stuff reminds me of people who say, "why can't you just ignore the side of your dad that abused you. After all, he has done some good in his life." A real look at my father and others who fill their lives with bad and good includes the bad. We dishonor the victims when we ignore the darker and dangerous side of people -- especially when they weilded as much power as Mr. Reagan.

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