Monday, June 14, 2004

Family $(@*#$%

My mother is in town and has been for a few days. She is here to help my grandmother with dealing with the stuff in the house (left behind by my grandfather before his death). It took over six months for my mother to come into town and help. In her typical fashion, she made flight reservations without consulting anyone and expected us to drop our lives to drive her around. Her comment to me was "I hope we can spend time together." I told her before she came that I had a 14 hour work day the day she arrived and didn't have enough notice to change the schedule (and the 12 other people affected). Did she call me when she got in? No. When I called her the next day to say hello and informed her that I would see her (and I told her that I had badly sprained my ankel) she had little to say. I tried to see her today and she didn't even return my phone call. She had my grandmother do it and tell me how much my mother wanted to see me. Of course, did she call to see how I was doing or offer to stop by? No. Oy.

So tomorrow I will have dinner with her, grandmother and the aunt. Should be interesting.

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