Sunday, May 02, 2004

Shavuah Tov

Hello. It has been another long and full week since I last posted. Sorry for the gap. Many things have been going on this week. More working, working and working as I am coming upon one of the busy times of the year.
One of the exciting things of the past week relates to some of my earlier posts about taking steps for some of my goals. An aspect of one of the goals involves a long and intense writing project which, G-d willing, will lead to publication or publications. I am at a very early stage, but I had an encouraging meeting last week. So, as I work on it bit by bit and day by day, I feel satisfied, excited and somewhat scared. I guess it makes sense.
So, it is with this sense that I begin a new week. I pray that it is a week of good things for all of us.

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