Thursday, May 13, 2004

Oy and Joy

I write this post with a mixture of feelings - oy at the status of the world - more bloodshed on both sides in Israel/Palestine, horrors perpetrated by Americans in the name of Americans in Iraq (horrors which I believe were ordered all the way up the chain of command, btw), cold-blooded murder of Nick Berg, a Jewish American man killed for those things (and a preventable death at that, according to his father) ......and even more. I'm out of breath just reading it. So sad and overwhelming. Also, I cannot reach a dear friend after weeks of my phone calls and pleas. I really hope she is okay, although I don't have a good feeling.

Joys - my work and life continue to improve. Tonight I am off to a concert by a favorite Jewish artists and looking forward to an evening of singing and dancing.

I hope that you can find joys in your oys and find your own way to dance in life's circumstances,

Your sister thriver,

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