Saturday, May 08, 2004

The beginnings of a new week

Greetings at the start of a new week. I hope it is a good one for you. I have had a lovely and restful shabbat, filled with relaxation and conversation with friends.

I spoke with JM and JW - both of whom are busy but good, with things changing in their lives (more so for JW than JM).
I heard from K today and sadly, the news about K's dog isn't good. Last week, K took the dog to a specialized vet to examine the dog's heart problems. Sadly, the problems are so extensive, they can't do anything. K, I'm sorry and I'm always here for you.
D and I spoke as I had a lovely walk through my neighborhood on this gorgeous and warm spring day. I wish I could have given him a big hug as he's had a frustrating a busy few days. D, know that I am here for you too and that the good days do indeed outweigh the bad ones. (Gee, I'm in a cliche mood.)

Anyway - I hope your lives are going well or at least looking up.

I'm off to finish my preparation for my long day tomorrow.

Take care,
Your sister thriver,

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