Tuesday, May 25, 2004


This morning, while on a break at job 4 I had the pleasure of speaking with N (my film-making friend - for more on her and her film go here or this post about helping her make her film or this post about filming me in Jerusalem). We caught each other up a bit and she told me about an experience she had which made me quite angry. In her networking for her film (currently titled "A Woman Who Went Out") she has met with many people. Today she had a follow-up meeting with a rabbi in New York who considers himself to be powerful and a man of influence. Did he help her with the film? No. He took discussing her film (about being raped) as an invitation for sexual talk - not speaking about the role of sex in our society - but sexual talk as in he was trying to seduce her. Of course, when she commented on it, he said "I'm kidding." Yeah. Right. Disgusting. Yuck.

Of course, not all rabbis have such reactions. I know many (some quite personally ;-) ) who are kind, considerate and compassionate. The one with whom N met just makes me so angry!

Perhaps one by one, we, those who do their best to be kind and understanding and appropriate can change the world to our ways.

A hopeful/pessimistic sister survivor&thriver (yes, I know that is a contradiction),

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