Saturday, April 03, 2004

Resources Available

Hello. Recently there was a conference sponsored by the JOFA (Jewish Orthodox
Feminist Alliance) which covered issues of sexual abuse in some of its sessions. You can get information and tapes of some of the sessions below.

Reference Material and Audio Tapes on Sexual Abuse from JOFA

Periodical Articles
"Confronting Sexual Abuse in Jewish Families," Lowenstein, Sharon. Moment,
15:2, Apr-90, 48-53.

The following sources are not available online but the citations are provided
for your reference.

Audio Tapes
"Abuse of Childeren and Teens at Orthodox Institutions: Communal
Responsibility," Lenk, Marcie and Amy Weinstein. JOFA one day conference, New
York, May

"Opening Plenary: When Authority Breaks Down: The Abuse of Power," Blau,
Yosef and Mark Dratch. JOFA 5th International Conference, 2004.

"Shattering the Silence: Childhood Sexual Abuse," Polin, Vicky, Michael
Salamon, and Na'ama Yehuda. JOFA 5th International Conference, 2004.

"The Politics of Gender in Confronting an Abusive Rabbi," Klitsner, Judy.
JOFA 5th International Conference, 2004.

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