Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Applauding Courage

Saudi news reporter Rania al-Baz is a victim/survivor of domestic violence. She took the incredibly couragous step of putting picutres of her battered face on tv to raise awareness of the widespread problem of domestic (or intimte partner) abuse. I applaud her courage and her strength. May she have a speedy healing and find saftey soon.

The beginnin of the CNN story reads...
"A popular Saudi television host publicly showed her bruised and bloodied face and has shocked her compatriots into openly talking about one of the kingdom's long-hidden problems: violence against women. Rania al-Baz has been hailed as a hero for letting newspaper photographers snap pictures of her face and for frankly discussing her case after she said a beating by her husband earlier this month left her unconscious..." Read the whole story.

Thanks to N for telling me about this story.

Spread the word of her courage and speak out agains abuse!

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