Monday, March 01, 2004

A Jewish artistic look at the Passion

Hi Yall from gray, wet, gloomy (yet somewhat warm) Midwesternville. This morning, following my usual Monday morning obligation, I finally got a chance to go to Barnes and Noble and get the latest copy of Heeb Magazine: The New Jew Review. (A funny, self-affirming and yet somewhat sef-critical magazine which looks at a previously un-discussed side of the Jewish world.) They have an artisitc presentation on the Passion called Crimes of Passion (once you see issue 5 on the site, clikc on Crimes of Passion within the table of contents to get to the article/production) with pictures and comments of their take on the Passion. I found it powerful, provacative and a bit troubling (one thing in particular is a tad troubling for me - take a look and see if you can guess what it is). One note, there are sexually provacative pictures with some nudity, so if that is triggering or if you are not old enough to see it - don't click on the link! And, I wouldn't be complete if I didn't give a shout out to my friend N who did an awesome job directing and producing the photo shoot and article!! You Go Girl! (I'll continue the brag by telling you that she is also the Creative Director of the magazine!)

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