Thursday, January 29, 2004

Tearful Morning

Every morning I wake up to the radio, to Morning Edition. This morning, as I listened, my eyes teared and my heart filled with sadness. At least 10 people were murdered on a bus this morning in Jerusalem (in my old neighborhood, on a street I walked many days of my recent trip) by a terrorist suicide bomber. Apparently, the bomber planned his murderous mission and timed the explosion to occur at the corner of Gaza and Arlozorov streets in Jerusalem. The descriptions of the scenes in Maariv's English paper and in Ha'aretz (also in English) fill me with sadness and anger. Why must the world be filled with such hate that leads a person to take joy in murder, maiming and pain? Why? I know the typical responses and I'm not even looking for answers this morning, just sharing where my feelings are. Please join me in praying for the recovery of the wounded, for help and support for the families of the dead and for peace in Israel, in the territories and throughout the world.

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