Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Interesting family development

Hello. Well, it has now been a few days since we buried my grandfather. My "father" and sister have left Midwestville (my "father" left for a meeting and will return here before he and my mother go home) and now its just my mother (here until Saturday), aunt and me. My aunt has never been a pleasant person. She has never been one to compromise, negotiate or see anything beyond extremes of right and wrong.

Now, she is trying to force my grandmother to stay in her huge and falling-apart home rather than slowly begin the process of moving into an independent living apartment (with meals and activities and neighbors and etc) in a seniors highrise. My grandmother has been wanting this move for years and years. So, why doesn't my aunt want to let it happen - who knows what is going on in her head? Probably she doesn't want to see her leave the home that my aunt lived in from age 8 on and she (aunt) doesn't want to have to deal with all of her things that are filling up that house. It has also been a free place for her to do laundry, have a meal that my grandmother cooks and cleans up after etc etc.....

Lest you think that my aunt is a young woman just getting her start in the world, be assured, she is not. She is 55 years old!!!

Dear auntie has been inciting my grandmother against my mother and my sister and is causing lots of trouble (won't help find the will, won't let my grandmother make an appointment with the lawyer and etc.)

What a screwed up woman.
What a screwed up family.

There is one decent spot in all of this. My parents and my sister did not show any big ugly signs of the attention between us. Everyone actually behaved like adults for the most part. Shocking.

Well, it is now 4 yes 4 :-) days until I leave for Israel and I have tons to do, so I will go.

Your sister survivor,

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Leah said...

So it is years later and a recent conversation inspired me to re-read blog posts and remind myself where I have been on this journey.

I wrote some not nice things about my Aunt in the above post and I wish to take them back. I have gotten to know her much better in the intervening years and realize what a wonderful, kind, brilliant woman she is. She is a G-dsend to my grandmother and therefore to me as well.