Monday, December 01, 2003

Home again

Hi. I'm sitting at the computer with a purring ball of gray and white fuzz on my lap. It is great to be home and to see the kitty again (even though he did get into some things while I was away - - ahem. Oh well, I guess he is entitled, after all I was gone for 5 and a half days.). He's so funny. When I come home from travelling, he spends the first few hours walking around the apartment meowing in a conversational way. He doesn't do this normally, and I wonder if he is either chastizing me for being gone, telling me how happy he is to see me (as he does with constant cheek rubs and sticking close by) or telling me what went on while I was away. Pets are wonderful things.

So. Here I am, facing tons of work and catch-up, so I should go.


Israel count-down 13 days!

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